Inner Speech is created by two brothers, Damian and Oscar Zuniga. They both grew up together, played sports together, and share the love for fitness and fashion. As they grew older, they realized that there was a gap in the market for streetwear clothing that was also functional for workouts. They knew they could fill this gap with their own brand, and thus began their ambitious journey.

When it comes to ensuring the highest quality of products, some brands take matters into their own hands. One such example is a brand whose owners personally screen print each garment by hand. This approach not only allows for meticulous attention to detail, but also adds a personal touch that cannot be replicated by mass production methods.

By taking a hands-on approach to production, the owners of this brand are able to oversee every step of the process and make adjustments as needed. They can ensure that each garment meets their exacting standards for color, placement, and overall quality. This level of care and attention to detail is reflected in the final product, which is sure to delight customers who appreciate quality craftsmanship.

Of course, hand-printing each garment is a time-intensive process that requires skill and precision. But for this brand, it's a labor of love. By taking the time to personally screen print each garment, the owners are able to create pieces that are unique, beautiful, and built to last. Whether you're looking for a special piece to add to your wardrobe or a thoughtful gift for someone special, you can rest assured that each garment from this brand is a true work of art.

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Our first drop, dropping 3/9/23, consists of a few T-shirts and a crewneck. Our goal with this collection is for our audience to get to know the Inner Speech logo. We plan on following up this drop with new colorways along with our first official collection.

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